Jumping & All-Purpose Saddles

from Thornhill USA

There’s nothing more important to your ride than the comfort of your saddle for both you and your horse. The saddles from Thornhill USA offer a wide range of styles and sizes to unite many horses, riders and their budgets harmoniously. We have been carrying these saddles for over 20 years and have been very impressed. All of them are made with excellent quality materials and craftsmanship. All come with a 10 year warranty on the tree.  The saddle panels are wool flocked allowing for some customization of the fit. Some models are even more versatile by incorporating the Xchange gullet system to allow for horse size changes. If you’re not sure what model or size would be best for you, we’d be happy to help you decide!

Pro-Trainer 24K Event Xchange – $2000.00       Saddle PT 24K Event
Beautifully styled with an extreme forward flap, this is an ideal eventing or jumper saddle. Accommodates long legs and those who ride extra short. Wool flocked panels. Light weight memory/flex tree. Medium sized thigh and calf blocks. Superbly crafted in premium oil pulled leather with a wonderful waxy finish for instant gratification. Featuring Xchange gullet system. Specify tree width when ordering. Seat sizes 17”, 17 1/2”, 18”.

Pro-Trainer 24K Grand Prix Xchange – $2000.00     Saddle PT Grand Prix pic 
An excellent choice for the show ring, eventing and fox hunting. Less forward flap than the 24K Event with medium sized thigh and calf blocks for ample support. Superbly crafted in premium grained oil pulled leather with a wonderful waxy finish for instant gratification. Wool flocked panels. Light weight memory/flex tree. Featuring Xchange gullet system. Specify tree width when ordering.Seat sizes 16 1/2”, 17”, 17 ½”, 18”.

Germania Spring – $1650.00 (17-18″), $1750.00 (19″)     Saddle Germania Spring
No need to break in this saddle!! Oil Pulled Leather with nubuck seat and knee pads for instant comfort your very first ride! Longer, forward flaps, narrower twist and wool flocked panels. Ideal for the show ring,  eventing or pleasure. A feel good saddle! Available in 17”, 17 ½”, 18”, 19” seats. Medium, wide and x-wide tree widths.

Pro Trainer Le Monde II – $1700.00     Saddle Pro Trainer Le Monde II pic
Monoflap design  cross-country saddle built on a close contact tree with supple ‘sticky’ leather to keep riders one with their horse! Seat sizes 17”, 17½”, 18″. Medium and wide tree widths.

JC Berlin All Purpose -$1350.00 (17-18″), $1450 (19-20″)    
For over 25 years Thornhill has offered the Berlin® model by Jorge Canaves. It’s tried and true classic BerlinGerman design features a deep, balanced seat, knee rolls, smooth knee pads and wool stuffed shaped panels. Ideal saddle for any discipline. Lightly grained, tobacco brown leather. Perfectly balanced for flatwork and jumps. Sizes 17”, 17 ½”, 18”, 19″ and 20″. Medium, wide and extra wide tree widths