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Introducing our “Thyme On My Hands” moisturizing soap. Reformulated from our 100% pure glycerin bar soap and incorporating olive oil for it’s skin-softening qualities, granulated sugar to lightly exfoliate, and our own home-grown thyme as a natural antibacterial agent. Gently but effectively cleans your hands without drying your skin and lasts a long time. You’ve got to try some! Great for riders and gardeners alike. $5.00

Thyme soap


One of Nan’s hobbies other than gardening when she’s not sewing leather or looking after her animals is knitting “Body Scarves”. For her unique design, she uses Lion Brand Homespun 100% acrylic yarn that is incredibly soft, available in a wide spectrum of beautiful colours, non-allergenic and is easily cared for in your washer and dryer. The stitching of these scarves allows them to stretch to fit around any size body and are absolutely the perfect wrap for a cold day on the couch or a cool evening on the patio. They are soooo cozy! The colours in stock vary from time to time but custom orders are welcome. $150.00

body scarves