Leather Repairs & Services

Part of what makes Taylor Made Too Saddlery different is the extra services we offer. Leather repairs, saddle re-stuffing and our exclusive ‘spa treatment’ are only some of what distinguishes us from other tack shops.  


If your tack suffers from excess wear and breakage, many items can be easily repaired in our shop, many times  at a more economical price than buying new. Examples are re-gripping rubber reins and replacing the worn-out elastic on girths. We always use top quality materials to fix what is broken and either hand or machine stitch, as required, for the best result. Sometimes, it’s just an alteration to your tack for a new horse’s size that you need. Usually bridles just need small adjustments by shortening the cheekpieces or lengthening a browband. We will always quote you a price before doing the work to assess whether it would be better for you to try something new instead.

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(Please clean the item before bringing in for repair or extra charge will be applied)

Common Repair Costs

Replace halter snap – $15.00 machine stitched (nylon halter), $20.00 hand stitched (leather halter)
Replace girth elastic – $60.00 per end
Re-grip rubber reins – $60.00/pair
Replace bridle hook stud – $25.00
Replace standing keeper – $20.00                                                                                                        
Replace running keeper – $10.00
Buckle turnback/shorten strap – $25.00
Replace saddle billets – point billets $60.00 each;   regular billets $45.00 each/4 or more $40.00 each

More extensive saddle and bridle repairs will be quoted as per the amount of time and expertise necessary.


The wool “flocking” used in the panels of many types of saddles is a natural fibre which periodically will need to be replaced due to compaction and matting within the panels. In our shop, we do this by removing all the old stuffing and replacing it with new wool. During this process, the underneath leather of the panel, normally inaccessible to the owner, is also cleaned and conditioned to maintain its suppleness. Great care is taken when inserting the new wool to ensure the fit of the saddle remains as it was or is newly adjusted to suit the horse as required. By re-stuffing your saddle, when necessary, you will maintain or increase the comfort for both your horse and yourself.

Saddle Re-stuffing – $250.00

‘SPA TREATMENT’ for your tack

     Recognizing that not everyone has the time or ability to look after their tack the way they would like to, we offer this exclusive treatment to our customers. It includes giving your saddlery items a thorough cleaning then a deep conditioning and finally a hand rubbed finish all in the warmth of our shop. During this time we can check for any repairs that might be needed if you wish. Please call ahead and make an appointment for this service so that we can give you the fastest turnaround time possible.

Spa Treatment Costs
Lead shank – $10.00
Halter – $20.00
Bridle & Reins – $30-$40.00*
Martingale or Breastplate – $15.00
Stirrup Leathers (pair) – $15.00
Girth – $25.00
Saddle (English) – $40-60.00*
Saddle (Western) – $50-$70.00*
(* depending on condition)