MORE Bridles & Martingales

from Nunn Finer 

If you have champagne taste, the“Bellissimo Collection”  is for you! Exquisitely crafted from luxurious Italian Havana leather, these bridles feature a padded inlaid crown as well as fancy stitched padded and raised brow and noseband. Accompanied by matching raised and fancy stitched reins , your horse will look like a fashionista!



The Ravenna – $300.00   Sale price $150Bridle Ravenna pic
A masterpiece for the hunter ring, this bridle features ½” cheeks with hook stud ends and matching laced reins. Cob size only

The Modena – $320.00   Sale price $160Bridle Modena pic
This bridle is truly a work of art and features a ½” cheeks with buckle ends, sewn in flash and matching buckle end soft grip reins. In sizes Cob or Oversize

The Milano – $330.00  Sale price $165Bridle Milano pic
The creme de la creme for jumpers or eventers! This bridle is complemented with the same fancy stitching on the fixed ring Figure 8 cheeks as the brow and matching soft grip reins. In sizes Cob or Horse

The Florence – $310.00  Sale price $155FLORENCE bridle
An inlaid cavesson crown with a wider fancy stitched brow and noseband offers a fashionable look with practical comfort for your horse. Includes matching laced reins.  Cob size only

The Venice – $240.00  Sale price $120VENICE bridle

The Venice has all the details of The Florence Bridle but scaled down to fit most ponies. Made from Italian Leather, The Venice has a padded inlaid caveson, raised fancy stitched wider brow and noseband, and matching laced reins – all proportionately sized for your pony.