Bridles & Martingales

from Nunn Finer

 A well made bridle crafted from premium leather will last for many years with minimal care. We chose the Nunn Finer line for just that reason. Their materials, styling and workmanship are exceeded only by their affordability for most equestrians and are available in sizes to fit the majority of horses. Matching martingales are also offered. If any alterations are needed to fine tune the fit on your horse, we can do that for you in our workshop.

Prices on this page are in US dollars. Due to the fluctuation in exchange rates, please call or email us for the current prices in Canadian funds.

The Galway Bridle – $230.00Bridle Galway pic
American tanned leather in Dark Havana with 5/8” cheeks, stainless steel fittings and buckle ends. The soft padded crown, brow and cavesson will make this your horse’s favourite. Rubber reins and attached flash are included. Great for hunting, eventing or everyday use. Cob, Horse or Oversize

The Gifted Bridle – $290.00     Bridle Gifted pic
For that special look, this double-raised dressage bridle with a crank noseband and sewn-in flash will fit the bill. The inlaid padded crown will increase your horse’s comfort and the matching 3/4″ leather reins with hand stops and buckle ends complete the look. Black only in Horse or Oversize.




 The Medium Brown leather colour of the bridles below match many saddles in today’s market. They are classically styled and ready to give you years of use and the look you desire. Choose the model that best fits the discipline you’re riding in.

The Millbrook Bridle – $225.00      Bridle Millbrook pic
This bridle is made with a beautifully padded crown, brow and cavesson that loops over the crown for superior comfort for your horse. The exquisite attention to detail gives a classic look sure to show off your horse’s elegant face. Stainless steel hardware, ½” cheeks with hook stud ends and comes with matching rubber reins. Cob or Horse size.

The Hampton Bridle – $235.00     Bridle Hampton pic
The same beautiful design as the Millbrook but with fancy stitching on the brow and noseband to appeal to all hunter riders. Matching laced reins with fancy stitched raised fronts included. Cob or Horse size.

The Lamplight Bridle – $235.00     Bridle Lamplight pic
With all the great features of the other two in this series but with buckle ends on the cheeks, sewn-in flash and matching rubber reins. Cob or Horse size.

Premium leather Standing or Running Martingales – $100.00     Martingale Millbrook Rng pic
To coordinate with the Millbrook, Hampton or Lamplight bridles, available in Cob or Horse size

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