About us

tmtoosign_cropSince we began in 1994, we have believed in providing great customer service and excellent product quality combined with an enjoyable shopping experience. We have used our knowledge gained from many years in different areas of the equine industry to create a “different kind of tack shop”. Instead of trying to satisfy every need imaginable for every horseowner, we’ve concentrated on what we know best – saddles, bridles and the accessories for them . We have limited our inventory to what we feel offers the best value to our customers. We want to build a trusting relationship with you for years to come.

     We have been selling the wonderful Thornhill line of English saddles for the dressage, eventing, hunter and jumper disciplines for over 20 years. If an alteration to the stuffing of the saddle is required to fine tune the fit, we are able to do that in our workshop. If your older saddle is your favourite friend but needs a little “pick-me-up” to better serve you and your horse, we are able to completely reflock that as well. Need new billets? No problem. We custom make them to match your saddle then handsew them on.

     The Nunn Finer bridlewear we offer was chosen because the quality of the designs, the materials and craftsmanship best marries with our goal to give excellent value to our customers. Whether you enjoy riding in the fields everyday or want to shine in the showring, there’s a style available that’s suitable for you. Again, if any alterations are necessary to completely satisfy your horse’s fit, then we will be happy to do them for you.

     In addition to the new saddlery we have for sale, we also provide services to the equipment you already own. We know horses love to break things and we have the skills, the knowledge and the tools to mend them. All repairs are hand or machine stitched as required for the best result. If you need something completely custom-made, come and discuss your ideas with us and we’ll see if we can create them for you.

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     Our exclusive “spa-treatment” for your tack has gained popularity in the local area and our new shop has given us more room to devote to this cleaning and maintaining of your fine leathergoods.

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Our lifelong love of dogs combined with our leathercraft has lead to another part of our business. As well as making beautiful collars and leads for your pets, we also produce those items designed specifically for the requirements of particular breeds and or canine activities. We have enjoyed a lasting association with the London Police Canine Unit and the London Hunt Kennels and are always expanding our dog product line.

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Recently, we have been adding some completely new ideas to the products and services available in our shop. “My Carlisle Kitchen” is where you will be able to find artisan baked goods, sweet and savoury jams, knitted body scarves, natural soaps and other handmade novelty items. Watch the “News & Specials” page for more information as these develop!

At our shop, we are open 7 days a week but maintain flexible hours to best accommodate the busy schedules of our customers. We hope you enjoy shopping with us!

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